Kano Gov. Ganduje Attacks Opponents Accusing Him Of Sleeping At Public Functions

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Kano State Governor?, ?Abdullahi Ganduje? has slammed his opponents who frequently accuse him of sleeping in public functions. Speaking at an interactive session with labour unions as part of May Day celebration at the Government House, Kano, Ganduje stated that his opponent couldn’t differentiate between “sleeping and pretending”.?

He said: “My opponents always complain that I sleep at public functions but I want them to try and differentiate between the two. Political blackmail is not an issue to me because I am used to it and will continue to work for the good people of the state”. The Governor pledged to continue the development of infrastructure across the state as part of efforts to improve the welfare of his people.

Ganduje further stressed that the ultra modern skill acquisition centre being constructed by his administration would provide employment opportunities to teeming youths of Kano.?

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by Lition Arefin

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