Saraki Reveals How APC Senators Masterminded Ekweremadu’s Emergence As DSP

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Senate President Bukola Saraki on Monday alleged that his colleagues in the All Progressive Congress (APC) allowed Senator Ike Ekweremadu emerge as deputy Senate President despite being a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Saraki said this while responding to Twitter user’s accusation that his (Saraki) emergence sabotaged the change mandate of the APC.

The former Kwara State Governor maintained that he never struck any deal with the PDP that led to Ekweremadu’s emergence. It will be recalled that the APC leadership initially wanted Senator Ahmed Lawan to be Senate President before Saraki went against the party’s supremacy, defiling all odds to emerge Senate President. However, the party became more worrisome when Ekweremadu, an opposition member also emerged as Saraki’s deputy. Saraki was elected unanimously by 57 senators while the remaining 51, all from APC, were absent in the chambers during the election.

According to Saraki on his Twitter handle, those that made it possible for PDP to claim Deputy Senate President position were those (APC Senators) who decided to be absent during the election. “I did not do any deal with @OfficialPDPNig. I did not have to because even before they took group decision, 22 or them already endorsed me,” he said. Saraki said he never thought the APC lawmakers would absent themselves from the proceedings. “I didn’t envisage some @APCNigeria members been absent from @NGRSenate especially when clerk already received a proclamation from President.

“If a team refused to turn up for a scheduled match & was consequently walked over, would it be fair to blame the team that turned up? “Those that made it possible for PDP to claim DSP position were those who decided to hold a meeting when senators ought to be in the chambers.”

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