Senate President,Kwara state Governor and CBN Governor visited Shonga

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After several years, yesterday, it was great to be back at Shonga Farms in Kwara State. When we first started the project when I was the Governor of Kwara State, people were attacking the idea saying that it could not be done. Many said that it was not sustainable. Many others said that the farm belonged to me. Still, others said that it would not benefit the State and invariably, the country. Years later, the facts are speaking for themselves.

When it started, Shonga Farms was producing only 12,000 birds a week. Now, they are producing 20,000 birds a day! Back then, it only employed a handful of people, now, it employs over a thousand people! From being a small farm in Kwara, now, Shonga, is a priced jewel in Africa. The decision by Country Bird Holdings (CBH), one of the largest poultry companies in Sub-Saharan Africa to acquire a majority stake in Valentine Farms Ltd., Shonga is a testament to the success of the farm.

Posterity will always be the greatest judge. The truth is, when you are in a position of leadership, donít listen to the naysayers. Yes, take in all the positive criticism. But always stay focused. Itís only then that you can achieve your vision for the people.

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